EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors go ‘hand in hand’ with PR temperature transmitters to hazardous locations all over the world

Lapp Automaatio values PR products’ ability to complete temperature measuring solutions with quality and reliability...


Lapp Automaatio is an ATEX and IECEx certified temperature sensor manufacturer located in Finland. The company develops, manufactures and sells thermocouples and Pt100 resistance thermometers (RTDs) of the trade mark EPIC® SENSORS, imports and sells cables, connectors and other process and factory automation components. Lapp Automaatio also performs temperature sensor and transmitter calibration tasks according to customer needs. EPIC® SENSORS temperature sensors are represented by a rapidly expanding chain of distributors all over the world.



Lapp Automaatio and PR electronics have been working together since 1982. Lapp Automaatio values PR products’ ability to complete their temperature measuring solutions with quality and reliability. Vesa Tepponen, Product Group Manager at Lapp Automaatio, explains:


Matching portfolio and values

“The biggest advantage of our partnership is that we can create complete packages of temperature measuring circuits. The widely approved PR products with our certified EPIC® SENSORS are a matching technical solution, even for hazardous environments. On our certificates there are PR product types specified to guarantee the quality, safety and reliability of the whole package. Many decades long co-working period has taught us to easily choose “the red boxes” - the right solutions for our customers. Besides - both PR devices and EPIC® SENSORS are guaranteed by a five-year product warranty - another matching feature, which is appreciated by our customers”.


Sensor calibration...

Photos from www.lappautomaatio.fi and www.epicsensors.com



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We sincerely thank Vesa Tepponen at Lapp Automaatio for participating in this article.


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