Marine Case 700X465

Ship engine room technology upgrade offered more flexibility, smooth operation and reduced need for spare parts

A globally operating shipping and logistics company recently decided to refurbish a number of ships with newer technology...


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The initial set-up included several single function signal conditioning modules. Single function transmitters are designed for specific tasks. If they fail when the ship is at sea, and the staff does not have a replacement in stock, getting a replacement from shore can often be both time consuming and costly. The company had experienced this issue on several occasions in the past. The company wanted a solution that included a more universal transmitter covering a wide range of applications – and with the approvals, in this case either DNV or GL, to be used at sea.


The PR electronics’ specialist suggested the PR 4114 universal transmitter to the project team. The 4114 is multifunctional – is has universal AC or DC power supply, offers high galvanic isolation and high EMC immunity, can measure almost any analog or temperature signal, and provides output for current and voltage, which are typical output signals in marine applications.

In addition, the 4114 is designed according to strict safety requirements, including UL, FM, DNV, and SIL.



Putting the 4114 transmitter to the test…

The project team agreed to test the 4114. The test showed that the transmitter fulfilled the requirements:


  • The 4114 covered all the needed applications
  • The device had the right approvals
  • The 4114 was easy to use both in relation to mounting and programming
  • The 4114 has a 5 year warranty



During the test the team was introduced to and used the 4501 detachable display for programming, process calibration, and error diagnostics and was impressed with the build-in simulation functions used when testing the different applications. The test also showed that the team could save a great amount of time using the digital calibration function with calibrating positions of different valves.


New site standard

The 4114 transmitter passed the test, was specified for the project and was selected as new site standard. The company has subsequently experienced smoother operation and been able to save on spare parts inventory.



Note from the PR electronics specialist:


The PR 4114 universal transmitter has been on the market for many years and is still specified for many marine tech upgrade projects thanks to its great flexibility.

This customer’s decision to test the transmitter together with the 4501 detachable display (replaced by PR 4510) revealed that not only was it possible to reduce the number of variants being used, – but also that it is possible to reduce the time needed to operate the device, simply by using the guided menu structure for the configuration.


Customers that wish to go a step further in relation to monitoring can replace the 4501 with the 4511 operator interface – thereby adding the possibility for remote monitoring - or even go all the way to implementing a monitoring wireless solution. 


The PR 4511 is backward compatible - this assures that no upgrade of the transmitter will be needed.

A few months ago another customer added remote monitoring to a number of 4114 units that had been installed in their production for more than 7 years – one example of how the 4511 can be used for an easy plug & play upgrade.


Niels Præst, Product Commercialization Manager, PR electronics


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