3000 Density 460X220

Optimize your panel for more flexibility and less power consumption

Use less space – and less power too. Did you know that the temperature transmitters and converters in the PR 3000 series are only 6 mm wide and can be mounted in nearly any panel, horizontally or vertically – with no air gap? For example, 50 devices will only take up 30 centimeters of space.



The devices in the PR 3000 series of temperature transmitters and converters are only 6 mm wide. Using these transmitters and converters can save you a considerable amount of space in your control panel. An air gap between the devices is not required.


The 3000 series has a very efficient design, which creates very little waste heat. Because of this, the units do not require air movement across the circuit board to stay cool. Even at 70˚C, the devices can be mounted right next to each other without overheating - with less need for panel air-conditioning.


Low power consumption
The devices are designed for low power consumption – only 0.8…1.2 W - and, with less need for power consuming panel air-conditioning, the 3000 series is not only a flexible solution – it is also an energy efficient and greener choice.


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