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Remote control system at distribution plants – do you have control but need more flexibility?

Is the remote control system at your distribution plant less flexible and more complicated than it should be? Did you know that there is a simpler and more flexible alternative to adding an additional PLC to your remote control system…?


Management of a distributed system such as a water treatment plant by remote control from a central control station makes operation faster and more efficient. Volume flows, fill levels, operating states, fault messages and other process data can be acquired, analyzed and corrections made if necessary. Less manpower is needed and errors can be fixed quicker.


The advantages are obvious, but sometimes managers wish for more flexibility than is offered by many remote control systems. The systems transfer signals from the distribution stations and offer control possibilities (similar to small PLC units) but not always offer needed flexibility - for example, the possibility to add more signals or change monitoring parameters.


Some remote control systems suffer from software limitations in ease of use and features– many plant managers therefore decide to install a separate PLC to increase the control options – a solution which adds more hardware and additional PLC software to the setup.


A simpler, smarter and less costly solution

But it doesn’t need to be complicated. A simpler, smarter and less costly solution is available- by using a PR 4511 together with a Gateway. By mounting the PR 4511 Modbus communication enabler on the front of installed PR 4000/9000 devices located in panels at the distribution stations, and connecting it to a gateway using an RJ45 plug, it is possible to add more signals, program, simulate inputs and monitor devices in seconds, while still maintaining the analog signal.



Illustration above: The entire communication solution is AES (SHA252) encrypted in order to secure the data using secure certificate exchange technology.


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