A unique temperature solution for GMVA

An electrical cabinet with a high ambient temperature kept causing repeated failures for the German waste incinerating plant GMVA. The 3114 Isolated universal converter from PR electronics turned out to be the perfect solution for a stable process.


Founded in Oberhausen, Germany, the waste incinerating plant GMVA has more than 40 years of experience with the environmentally friendly handling of waste, as well as being an important local producer of electricity and long-distance heat.


Dealing with up to 700,000 t of waste per year, GMVA produces 314,000 – 340,000 MWh of electricity per year (enough for approximately 100,000 households) and 50,000 – 150,000 MWh of long-distance heating.


A partnership of almost 10 years


The cooperation between GMVA and PR electronics started in 2009, when the plant was introduced to the 4000 series of multifunctional modules for the first time. Initial tests confirmed that the products could deliver the needed functionality and stability at the right price and since then, the 4116 Universal transmitter has been in use as standard equipment.


Over the years, the two companies have built up a positive working relationship based on excellent service and a close contact, where any question, challenge or issue can be discussed freely.


Temperature measurements without failures


Temperature measurements of steam and water in turbines and boilers had been a challenge. Inside the electrical cabinets, temperatures regularly reach 60 - 70°C, which had caused previous modules from other suppliers to fail often as well as incorrect measurements.


When GMVA brought up the issue with PR electronics, the 3000 series of 6 mm modules quickly came into the spotlight as a possible solution. With their slim housing, they only take up very little space and have the additional advantage of functioning very well in high ambient temperatures. Furthermore, the modules have a low power consumption. Based on this dialog, the 3114 Isolated universal converter was chosen for this particular challenge.


Fewer spare parts, less power consumption and no overheating


Since the first installations, the PR 3114 has proven itself to be the perfect solution – as well as a unique one. Together with the PR 4590 and PR 4501 (replaced by PR 4510) both the PR 4116 and PR 3114 are easy to configure and can be monitored live, while also having a very long product life.


“We are very happy with the PR 4116 and PR 3114 as standard products,” says Mr Klaus Teschke, Head of Measurement and Control Maintenance Group. “They provide us with a flexible solution that reduces the amount of necessary spare parts, employee training and power consumption. Compared to our previous situation, we do not experience the many problems with overheating anymore. Additionally, whenever it is necessary to replace a module, this can be done quickly and easily, so downtimes are very short.”


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