4511 Communication Enabler 460X250

PR 4511 - remote access to your process values

The PR 4511 communication enabler represents PR’s innovative take on providing easy and cost-effective remote access to your process values - by enabling existing and future PR 4000 and 9000 devices for digital communication.


Smart communication with your PR devices

With the PR 4511 operational interface you can access your process values in three different ways while still preserving the analog signal. The interface offers local or remote access to your process values - monitoring, simulation and configuration.


It is designed for easy mounting - simply snap it onto the front of your installed device. No tools are necessary. It connects to standard PR 4xxx and 9xxx devices and, when mounted, PR 4511 auto-detects the device settings. You have the possibility to use password protected access to programmed parameters and to copy the unit configuration from one device to another.


Access devices in seconds - remotely

PR customers who are using the PR 4511 are telling us that they are pleased with its ability to provide remote asset management. It is especially convenient when you need to access devices in inconvenient or geographically remote areas.


With the possibility to gain remote access to installed devices there is often no need to deploy a technician to the site. Examples of such installations are:


  • Wind or hydroelectric power utilities
  • Water and wastewater utilities (sludge filters, pond levels, pump flows or other values)
  • Petrochemical (tank farms, remote wellhead monitoring)
  • Waste site remediation (monitoring of tens or hundreds of wells)
  • Remote generators or pumping stations


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> See the PR 4511 product data sheet.

> Rotate PR converters and barriers 180° with the PR 4511 display


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