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Multifunctional transmitters provide more flexibility and less need for spare parts

Having one variant that applies to a broad range of signal conditioning applications greatly simplifies the need for spare parts.


Signal conditioning spare part inventories are a necessary part of running a manufacturing process. Many factory managers want to keep inventories to a minimum - a fast and simple way to reduce signal conditioning spare parts inventory is by deciding on multifunctional transmitters as the site standard.


Having one variant that applies to a broad range of signal conditioning applications greatly simplifies the need for spare parts. In addition, it provides great flexibility in relation to device usage.   


PR electronics' multifunctional transmitters offer versatile devices for isolation, conversion, scaling, amplification, alarming, control and more. They are used in a wide range of industries such as chemical industry, energy industry, water supply and waste water, factory automation, cement, etc.


Easy configuration, simulation and troubleshouting

Through detachable, intuitive, intelligent operator interfaces - the PR 4510PR 4511 and PR 4512 - devices can be accessed and managed in seconds; making configuration, simulation and troubleshooting easy. 



The 4000 series product family of universal transmitters - with the detachable communication interfaces PR 4512.




Lyonnaise des Eaux saved on number of devices needed for a renovation project 


  CASE STORY: Lyonnaise des Eaux, France, decided on model 4116 PR multifunctional transmitters and communication enablers for a renovation project - and got 'two modules in one' - as  Arnaud Chambon, Automaticien at Lyonnaise des Eaux puts it: 

"We have saved on installation costs as one of the relays provides information twice – for Sofrel S550 tele-surveillance as well as for the back-up system in case the tele-monitoring fails. If the 4116 wasn’t able to perform two tasks, it would have been necessary to install two modules instead of one.”


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Memeco Sales measures water levels with the PR 4114 Universal transmitter and PR 4501 Display/programming unit


  CASE STORY: Customer service that goes above and beyond in combination with excellent products at competitive prices – Memeco Sales values their working relationship with PR electronics highly. 

“I remember placing an urgent order on a Friday evening that needed to reach me by Monday morning at 7am to keep my customer happy. Shipping the transmitter would not have allowed the order to arrive in time. So our contact at PR electronics hand-delivered the unit to us early on Monday morning, so that we could keep our customer satisfied. PR electronics enthusiastically and consistently provides us with great support,” says Don Jenkinson, President and Co-Founder of Memeco Sales.


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