Wastewater treatment plant

See where and how PR devices can be used in a wastewater treatment plant. - 11 ways to make your process control safer, more reliable, and more efficient.

applications in a wastewater treatment plant Reverse osmosis Multimedia filter Clarified water storage tank Soft water tank WAC DC softeners Filter press building Sludge holding tank Chemical softening system Water recycle tank Forced draft degasification Influent line


1. Reverse osmosis - isolation / signal splitting     
2. Multimedia filter - isolation / conversion    
3. Clarified water storage tank - level alarms    
4. Soft water tank - galvanic isolation     
5. WAC DC softeners - linearization     
6. Filter press building - noise isolation    
7. Sludge holding tank - level measurement    
8. Chemical softening system - level measurement    
9. Water recycle tank - level measurement    
10. Forced draft degasification - level measurement    
11. Influent line - flow measurement