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More efficient water control.


Control the water flow with the right frequencies

For water and wastewater industries, a very high level of isolation is needed in terms of noise and ground loops. You may also require a mix of standard and I.S. signals as well as splitting signals from the field. And as a supplier of water and wastewater products for decades, we can help you meet your needs and requirements with optimal efficiency.


Signals of control

Our products isolate and split the signals from a sensor to a PLC, solving EMC noise issues. We can convert signals for the purpose of controlling pumps, and ensure that the frequency signals from water turbines meet their required levels. In addition, our range offers you low power consumption, universal AC/DC power supplies, high galvanic isolation and solid performance every time.


Minimal excess stock

The challenge for many water and wastewater customers is to measure a wide variety of input types with only a few different signal conditioners. And with our range of standard applications with few variants, you can minimize your spare parts inventory while saving on installation and training time.


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Examples - devices for water and wastewater industry

  • Isolating and splitting the signal from a sensor to a PLC to install local indicator and solve EMC issue - 3109 & 5714.

  • Frequency signal from rotation speed water turbine, conversion and over speed protection with high alarm contacts with mA to PLC - 5225.

  • Lift station level indication in I.S. area back to DCS as well as signal simulation for test - 9202B/4501.

  • Conversion of 4…20 mA to pulse, for the purpose of controlling chlorine metering pumps - 4222.


The above are merely examples - please contact us if you require assistance in finding the right device.



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