PR electronics A/S are not AEO or C-TPAT certified, but take following actions toward safety:

  • We have partnered up with Link Logistics, an AEO approved logistic company with a global transportation network across the world’s leading logistics companies.
  • We have strict access control procedures in place to control the movement of employees, contractors, vendors and visitors into and out of the facility.
  • We keep records that identify employees accessing our buildings (access card).
  • Visitors are provided with badges and are escorted around while they are inside the facility.
  • We have verifiable procedures in place to challenge unauthorized and/or unidentified personnel.
  • Procedures are in place to screen employees and perform background checks as allowed by local law.
  • Application information, such as employment history and references are verified prior to employment.
  • We have written and verifiable procedures for shipping, receiving and discrepancy management.
  • Our shipping and receiving area are split in different buildings.


AEO / C-TPAT statement