Certificate of Origin


Export licenses / Certificate of origin


The EU has trading agreements with a list of countries, so by applying a certificate of origin when exporting from Europe, a lower or no tariff has to be paid.

  • If the value of the shipment is less than 6000 EUR, a certificate of origin can be applied without getting approval from the authorities.
  • In case you need a Certificate of Origin or a Long Term Supplier Declaration of Origin to accompany your order / frame agreement just remember to specify this when you order from PR electronics.


PR electronics has its own Export License for shipments above 6000 EUR (provided by the Danish export authorities). For a list of countries see official EU website.


A special A.TR. certificate and licensed stamp is also granted for Turkey shipments to reduce delivery time by at least 3 days.


PR electronics is also REX-registered which reduces the tariff when exporting from the EU to the UK, Japan, Vietnam and Canada.