Export control classification


Besides the financial aspects, export controls are meant to ensure that items, goods and technologies that are potentially dangerous do not fall into the wrong hands. It is the responsibility of the exporter to make sure that their product or technology is to be used in a civilian and peaceful context. You may download our official statement on Export Compliance & Dual Use here.


For all PR electronics products, the following applies for EU and US:


Products AL number (EU) ECCN (US*) TARIC / HS Country of origin Manufacturer
PR products
and sensors

N (None)


90328900 EU (Denmark) PR electronics A/S
Commercial catalogs / certificates 49111010 EU (Denmark) PR electronics A/S



Not Dual Use, but for EU, EX product fall in the Catch all category – No license required


Our products are assessed NOT to be Dual-Use and therefore not require an export license, but within EU, our EX products fall under the CATCH ALL category. See official assessment documents from the Danish Authorities and the US Authorities



EU - EX products – Catch all category requirements


Even though no formal export license is required for our EX products it is due to the catch all requirements necessary for us or any of our distributors or customer exporting PR electronics EX products to sanctioned countries to obtain an end user statement in case.


If the exporter is aware or has ground for suspecting that the product is to be used in relation to WMD or is related to weapons production in countries under an international embargo, an additional check must be performed to ensure that the end customer or organization is not listed on any of the official lists in the US or EU.


The end-user statement covers information pertaining to the particular end-user, destination and intended use of the Products. The end user statement is to ensure that:


  1. the Products will only be used for civil end-uses and not for any military end-uses. 
  2. the Products or any replica thereof are intended for final use in (country). 
  3. the Products or any replica thereof will not be used in any nuclear explosive activity or unsafeguarded nuclear fuel-cycle activity. 
  4. the Products will not be used for any purpose connected with chemical or biological or nuclear weapons, or missiles capable of delivering such weapons.

  5. the Products are for sale to bona fide civil customers for civil use in (country). It will be held in stock against future orders. 
  6. in case there is reasonable doubt about the application and/or location where the end-user wish to use the Products, the Customer/Distributor must immediately inform PR to receive permission to continue with the sale.