Heat Exchanger Differentials

20 September 2017
Heat exchangers form an integral part of many industrial processes from chemical plants to water treatment facilities. They enable processes to run effectively and offer energy recovery possibilities for use in other areas of a...


Process measurements in corrosive environments caused by saltwater or salt in air

25 April 2017
One of the primary challenges facing field instrumentation in offshore and marine applications is the corrosive nature of the environment in which they are installed.


Common isolation application in wastewater plants using the 3186B Output loop-powered current isolator

21 March 2017
Using a 4-wire level transmitter for monitoring the level in a storage tanks for clarified water is very common in wastewater plants. The challenge here is to connect the active output signal from the level transmitter to an ac...


Measuring digester process variables

02 March 2017
As a part of the wastewater treatment process, sludge is separated from liquid in settling tanks and is then pumped into a series of digesters. Anaerobic bacteria inside the digester further decompose the sludge, releasing carb...


Measuring wastewater level and bar screen on/off status in a municipal wastewater treatment plant

07 February 2017
In a typical wastewater treatment plant, a mechanical bar screen separates insoluble material like trash and rags from the wastewater stream. Motorized scrapers on each bar screen remove accumulated debris from the screen to ma...


Monitoring chemical flow and tank level in a wastewater treatment process

20 January 2017
One of the first steps in treating municipal wastewater is separating sludge from the wastewater liquid. To speed up this separation process, a chemical flocculant like Aluminum Sulfate is added to the wastewater. A flocculant...


Keeping the water flowing in freezing temperatures

16 January 2017
In the northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere, freezing temperatures can be a risk to normal water flow every winter. When it gets cold enough, water in belowground pipes will freeze, so it is essential to monitor the so-cal...


Electric motor bearing and winding temperature monitoring

22 December 2016
Large wastewater treatment plants often rely on lift stations to move wastewater from the sewer system to the treatment plant.