PR 4501 display/programming interface

Learn more about the 4501 display/programming interface. The unit configures and calibrates the devices in the 4000 and 9000 series as well as the 3114 unit with a few simple pushbutton actions. And for documentation purposes, the 4501 stores the latest calibration and configuration data for creating reports.




How to mount and use the PR 4501 programming interface 

The PR 4501 display/ programming interface is designed for easy modification of operational parameters in PR system 4000 and 9000 devices.
It’s easy and fast to mount – no tools necessary – and easy to set-up… as shown in this short video. 


See video.




  How to copy programming made on a PR 4000/9000 device to similar devices with the PR 4501

See how you can save time by saving an existing configuration in the PR 4501 programming interface and load that configuration into a similar PR 4000 or 9000 series device - by following a few simple steps...


Note: This also applies to the PR 4511.


See video.



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