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Heat Exchanger Differentials

Heat exchangers form an integral part of many industrial processes from chemical plants to water treatment facilities. They enable processes to run effectively and offer energy recovery possibilities for use in other areas of a plant.


In order for these systems to function efficiently they must be maintained by ensuring that any solids build-up or corrosion, for example, do not inhibit the heat transfer characteristics, and cause increased energy usage via ancillary equipment such as fans and pumps.


Efficiency of heat exchangers can be determined by monitoring the ΔT (temperature difference) between not only either medium entry and exit temperatures, but also the difference between the two mediums.


The PR 5437 can accept dual inputs from, for example, heat exchanger entry and exit sensors and accurately measure the temperature differential between the 2 sensors. The PR 5437 can be configured so that when a predefined maximum differential is reached, the operator can get an alert or an alarm to initiate a maintenance procedure.



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