Keeping the water flowing in freezing temperatures

In the northern parts of the Northern Hemisphere, freezing temperatures can be a risk to normal water flow every winter. When it gets cold enough, water in belowground pipes will freeze, so it is essential to monitor the so-called “frost line” - the depth of the frozen soil.


One way of doing so, is to use a type K multipoint thermocouple to monitor soil temperature at several different depths. If the frost line drops to the depth of a city's main water pipe, the city advises homeowners to slightly open one indoor faucet. The small flow of water is enough to keep the homeowner's water main from freezing.


Long-term accuracy and easy maintenance

In order to measure the multipoint thermocouple, a combination of the 4116 Universal transmitter with the 4510 Display/programming front is a good option. The PR 4116 can be energized by a wide range of AC and DC voltage, which makes it easy to install into existing control cabinets – and it has very good long-term accuracy and does not require calibration in an application like this. The PR 4510 allows maintenance crews to easily view the thermocouple temperatures from the cabinet, without having to connect any additional equipment. 


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