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Enhance industrial operations with PR electronics


Discover the key features of our products, designed for industrial process control. These features ensure enhanced safety, efficiency, and reliability, meeting the critical demands of the industry.

Assurance of a 5-year warranty

Our products come with a 5-year warranty, reflecting our trust in their durability and consistent performance.

This extended warranty is part of our effort to provide assurance and reliability, setting our offerings apart in a market where shorter warranties are more common.

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Enhancing your assets' safety with high galvanic isolation

Our devices offer robust galvanic isolation to shield sensitive control systems from high-voltage surges, eliminate ground loops, and prevent high-frequency noise interference.

  • With a high galvanic isolation of up to 3.5 kV, we effectively eliminate the complexity of establishing a common ground in complex process environments and a dispersed industrial landscape spanning large areas.

  • Eliminate issues related to common voltage introduced in industrial environments with a high degree of electrical noise. This noise typically originates from high-power sources, switching high currents, and variable frequency drives.

Key benefits:

Eliminating the complexity of transmitting signals over long distances in harsh industrial environments. More stability and accuracy for your process measurement as a result.

Coded detachable terminals ensure error-proof and efficient operation

PR electronics' design with coded detachable terminals provides an intelligent and secure way to connect devices.

Key benefits:
  • Simplifies equipment handling, enabling error-free operation by new users.

  • Boosts operational efficiency by minimizing installation errors and streamlining workflows.

Compliance with NAMUR NE21 and NE43 recommendations

Our products are compliant with the NE21 and NE43 recommendations, ensuring that your process control systems are both reliable and efficient. This compliance minimizes the impact of electromagnetic interference and accurately identifies sensor faults, boosting operational integrity.

Key benefit:

Meeting these standards, our products decrease downtime and improve production yield. They consistently perform well in harsh environments, even with potential disturbances (NE21), and quickly identify and rectify sensor issues (NE43), enabling smooth and reliable production output in a process environment. 

Reliable performance with EMC Criterion A compliance

Our products are carefully designed to meet the stringent EMC Criterion A standards, ensuring consistent performance in demanding electromagnetic environments.

Aligned with EMC Criterion A, our equipment is guaranteed to maintain functionality and performance above the minimum levels of EMC Criterion B during intended operation. This commitment ensures that our products operate reliably within the defined specifications, even in a harsh environment with a high level of electrical interference.

Key benefit:
  • Where applicable and feasible, our products comply with EMC Criterion A, ensuring reduced downtime and increased productivity.

  • Should you face challenges with the quality of measurements in your process or with the stability of your measurement points, please reach out to PR electronics for assistance.

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SIL compliant devices for safe process control integration

Safety is a critical aspect of process control systems, and PR electronics recognizes the necessity of meeting industry safety standards. Our products are engineered for safe integration within control loops that demand a high level of reliability, in line with Safety Integrity Level (SIL) requirements.

PR products are designed with functional safety in mind, ranging from hardware-assessed products to fully assessed products with SIL certification, suitable for safety-engineered systems requiring the highest level of reliability in critical applications.

You can explore our functional safety products using the product selector on our website. 

Key benefit:

We ensure detailed FMEDA reports for these devices are readily available on our website, aiding in smoother integration for our clients and providing essential information for accurate safety calculations in their safety instrumented systems.

Minimal energy loss

PR electronics’ devices are known for their energy efficiency. With a focus on low power use, they reduce energy loss and heat build-up, bringing key benefits.


Low power dissipation is a key engineering focus, resulting in minimal internal heat dissipation of our products.

Key benefit:
  • This allows devices to be installed close together without the need for air gaps, offering flexibility in arranging control panels without concerns about overheating.

  • Lower CO2 emissions - products contribute to a reduction in carbon footprint due to their energy-efficient design.

  • Reduced electricity and backup power costs.

  • Due to the optimized design resulting in lower power consumption, longer lifespan and higher accuracy are achieved.

Long term precise measurement

Utilizing patented technology, state-of-the-art circuit design, and microprocessor advancements, our products consistently achieve high accuracy, exceeding industry standards with a typical accuracy of 0.05-0.1% within the complete measurement range. They also exhibit excellent long-term stability, better than ±0.05% of span per year for selected products.

Key benefit:

The installations provide consistent and reliable readings, leading to fewer recalibrations and reduced downtime, thereby optimizing performance and maintenance schedules.

Low temperature coefficient

Our technology ensures minimal temperature-related measurement errors. With changing ambient temperatures in a challenging process environment, measurements errors are introduced. To minimize this unwanted effect, a solution with low temperature coefficient is highly desirable.


Utilizing advanced microprocessor technology, we maintain an exceptionally low temperature coefficient, below 0.01% per degree Celsius, across a broad operating temperature range from -50 to +85°C.

Key benefit:

This capability ensures consistent and accurate measurements in control panels operating between -50 and +85°C. It minimizes the need for frequent recalibration, reducing downtime and improving reliability compared to competitor products more sensitive to temperature-induced drift.

Reduce downtime in production

Integrated active and passive interface capabilities

Understanding the difference between active and passive inputs and outputs is crucial. Passive inputs and outputs require power from an external source, while active ones do not.

Choosing the right type is important for correct system integration. Our devices simplify this by offering a versatile solution adaptable to various interfaces and power requirements.


Several models in our product range feature both active and passive inputs, enhancing their versatility in various applications. Additionally, a selection of these models also supports active and passive outputs, offering a broad spectrum of connectivity options.

Key benefit:
  • We offer design flexibility when the power requirements for field devices, such as temperature or pressure transmitters, are uncertain, allowing for either powering the device or receiving an active mA signal from a powered transmitter.

  • Similarly, adaptable outputs enhance the versatility of your design when the nature of the PLC input card, whether active or passive, is uncertain.

  • As an example, the product variants of the 4000 series of transmitters/converters are engineered to handle both active and passive outputs, facilitating smoother engineering workflows and reducing the necessity for a broad stock of specialized spares.


Streamline process control with PR electronics' advanced features

PR electronics offers features designed for detailed and dependable process control, enhancing system efficiency and reliability. This underscores our reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

Enhance your process control systems with our innovative solutions. Explore PR electronics' complete product range to discover how we can meet your operational needs.