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7 considerations when choosing a multifunction transmitter

Here are some things you should consider if you want to ‘go multifunctional’. Replacing single function transmitters with multifunction transmitters increases system flexibility, reduces your spare parts inventory, and reduces your training requirements.


1) Product features:

  • Check that the multifunction transmitter can measure all or most of your input signals and provide the needed analog/contact outputs.
  • Make sure the multifunctional transmitter can be energized by your voltage source.


2) Future specifications

  • Consider how your system may change in the future – a good multifunctional transmitter can be easily re-programmed and used in different ways as your system evolves over time.


3) Available mounting options:

  • How do you want to mount the transmitter? Most transmitters are mounted onto industry standard 35mm wide DIN rail, but in some applications power rail is used to simultaneously mount and energize the transmitters. Rarely, a transmitter is simply bolted to a panel surface. 


4) Ease of configuration and troubleshooting:

  • A multifunctional transmitter measures a wide range of inputs, and provides many different outputs - it should be easy to configure and troubleshoot.


5) Performance considerations:

  • If the transmitter will be installed in a location with a wide change in ambient temperature, then make sure to check the transmitter’s ambient temperature specification. 
  • Check accuracy specification - most applications require an accuracy of 0.1% of the selected range.
  • Check immunity to electromagnetic interference. It is an important consideration in applications where a high level of electrical noise exists. Many transmitters will develop a measurement error or even shut down when exposed to high levels of electromagnetic interference. 


6) Approvals and certificates:

  • What device approvals does your application require? 


7) Warranty:

  • Always check the transmitter warranty before making a purchase.



Comment from the PR electronics specialist:


Product features:  In most applications, a multifunctional transmitter is used to provide signal isolation, signal conversion and signal scaling… but if you need to split a signal, measure or output unusual signal ranges, create a custom linearization, or perform math functions on two signals, then the PR 5114, PR 5115 and PR 5116 multifunctional transmitters should be considered.


Mounting: PR multifunctional transmitters can be mounted onto industry standard 35mm wide DIN rail, power rail or stand alone -  so mounting PR electronics'  transmitters is generally not an issue.


Ease of configuration and troubleshooting: The PR series 4000 and 9000 multifunctional transmitters use an intuitive, detachable, operator interface which makes transmitter configuration and troubleshooting easy. There are no DIP switches, adjustment potentiometers or jumpers, and you never have to open the transmitter housing. A configuration can be stored in the detachable interface and downloaded into another transmitter in seconds, and the interface generates scrolling text messages that guide you through configuration… and help you troubleshoot sensor and other system problems.


Performance considerations: 

Ambient temperature specification - All of PR electronics' multifunction transmitters are specified to operate over a range of -20 °C to + 60°C which makes them usable in nearly all applications.


Accuracy - Most applications require an accuracy of 0.1% of the selected range. All of PR electronics' multifunctional transmitters meet or exceed this level of accuracy.


Immunity to electromagnetic interference - PR electronics' multifunctional transmitters are designed and tested to exceed the requirements of EN 61326-1, ensuring accurate, dependable operation while exposed to high levels of electromagnetic interference.


Approvals: PR's multifunctional transmitters have a wide range of industrial, marine, Ex and SIL approvals, making them usable in a wide range of applications worldwide.


Warranty: All products manufactured by PR electronics carry a 5-year warranty.





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