Electric motor bearing and winding temperature monitoring

Large wastewater treatment plants often rely on lift stations to move wastewater from the sewer system to the treatment plant.


Each lift station can have a number of temperature sensors, which are monitored by the station operator. Pt100 RTDs measure the lift station pump and motor bearing temperatures and the motor winding temperatures are measured by Cu10 RTDs.


Flexible and stable monitoring – with the option of easy and quick configuration

The 4116 Universal transmitter is a great choice for this type of application. Since it can be energized by a wide range of AC and DC voltage, the PR 4116 is easily installed into existing control cabinets. It is capable of measuring either Pt100 or Cu10 RTD types without modification. Additionally, it has very good long-term stability, eliminating the need for calibration in this application – other transmitters might require regular zero and span calibration. 


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