Seven tips and advice for signal conditioning devices in hazardous areas

Many areas in the process industry are classified as hazardous areas. Electrical equipment such as signal conditioning devices in these zones must be intrinsically safe (I.S.) - but there are more aspects to consider when selecting signal conditioning devices and solutions for these areas...


1. Consider multifunctional devices

Choosing a few devices to be used in a wide range of applications gives you more flexibility and cost-efficiency.


2. Look for ease of use

Select devices that are easy to use and service – it will save you time as well as training and maintenance costs.


3. Check approvals

Check that your devices have the approvals you need – approvals may vary according to where your installation is located.

Below are the approvals we offer on our intrinsically safe (I.S.) products.



4. Go for devices with low power consumption

Select devices with low power consumption – it is more cost-efficient and a greener choice.


5. Consider mounting options

Devices that offer different mounting options give you flexibility when installing and easy commissioning - some examples are: standard DIN rail, power rail, or a backplane solution. 


6. Seek knowledgeable advisors

When in doubt, or maybe just wondering if and how you can make your installations more efficient, ask an I.S. specialist.


7. For SIL applications, select a supplier that designs for safety 

Selecting a manufacturer and devices fully assessed according to IEC 61508 gives you built-in safety and makes it easy for you to comply with the IEC 61511 site standard.






These tips and advice are based on our more than forty years of field experience. We design for safety, flexibility, low power consumption, and ease of use.


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