4501 Calibrate 3

Save time by using 4501 for smart process calibration

Introducing the detachable programming/display 4501 unit.

In most industries, measuring instruments require regular calibration in order to ensure accurate process control and to document and record calibration parameters. Obviously, this can be extremely time consuming using trimmer-/potentiometer-based products.


PR offers a superior cost-effective solution that will save money, time and increase the accuracy of your applications – the detachable programming / display 4501 unit. This unit configures and calibrates the devices in the 4000 and 9000 series as well as the 3114 unit with a few simple pushbutton actions. And for documentation purposes, the 4501 stores the latest calibration and configuration data for creating reports.



You won't even need a screwdriver! This easy-to-use 4501 programming tool lets you perform a purely digital calibration using pushbuttons on the front of the unit. Just follow the simple menu step by step. You can opt for a full calibration (low/high), or a single high or low calibration.
For 4000 and 9000 devices, just unsnap the display from the device after the calibration, snap it onto our 4590 ConfigMate interface and connect it to your PC. It couldn't be easier. The 3114 is programmed directly with the 4501/4590. You have several options once connected to your PC:
  • Print calibration and configuration reports directly from your computer. You eliminate transcription errors since the reports are printed directly from the display memory.
  • The unit contains complete configuration data (including the unit's password). You can even find a lost password on the calibration report.
  • The report shows the pre-calibration error to 5 decimal places.
  • You can add a wealth of information to the calibration report: technician's name, tag number, serial numbers of test equipment used, and much more.

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